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Problems imaging Revision B PCCS or Conductor


P-CCS not imaging correctly using the Reimaging P-CCS, P-TSI, or Net3 Conductor directions.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The most likely problem is the UEFI USB option is still being selected during the imaging process. When Imaging a P-CCS if this is the Clonezilla user interface screen the UEFI boot option is still selected. 

                                                      (INCORRECT USER INTERFACE)


  1. Shut down the P-CCS by pressing the front power button, power the unit back on and reenter the BIOS screen. The keyboard and USB drive should continue to be the P-CCS.
  2. Arrow over to the "Boot" tab, arrow down to Boot Option that has the UEFI USB option and press and press [Enter]. Arrow down to "Disabled" and press [Enter] (now the boot options should show one option as "disabled" and another as "SATA". 

                              (INCORRECT BOOT OPTIONS)

BIOS boot screen.jpg

  1. Arrow down to the "Hard Drive BBS Priorities" option and press [Enter]. One boot option will have the SATA drive and the USB drive (It will not have "UEFI" in front of it). Change the boot option so the USB drive is option 1 and the SATA drive is option 2. This can be done either by pressing the [-] key or by pressing [Enter] key and selecting the boot option.

                                                    (Changing Boot Options Screen)

boot options.jpg

  1. After changing the boot options they should display like the picture below. Press F10 (save & exit) and the PCCS will now boot into the proper imaging tool.

                                                                (Correct Boot Options)
correct boot options.jpg

5. Below is the correct user interface. Select "Restore Disk" and press [Enter].

                                                               (Correct Imaging UI)
Correct UI.jpg

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