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Paradigm Virtual Touchscreen Won't Connect To Paradigm Server


When launching the Paradigm Virtual Touchscreen (VTS) on a PC/Mac or on P-TS18/P-TSI hardware, I'm unable to connect to the Paradigm Central Control Server (P-CCS). How can I resolve this?


There are multiple reasons why VTS may not connect to the P-CCS. Each has a different solution, and are all outlined below.

If nothing is listed below Discovered Servers

This is a result of the VTS software being unable to see the P-CCS. Look into the following options:

  1. Make sure the correct Network Interface is selected in the Setup tab. If you select a different Network Interface you must quit out of the VTS software and re-launch to accept this change. In the same token, make sure your Ethernet cable is plugged into the correct NIC of your machine.
    1. The P-TS18 rev 2, and P-TSI each have two NICs. By default it uses the primary (Net3 Network) NIC.
  2. Verify the IP / subnet / default gateway settings are in the same scheme as the P-CCS. You'll need to know if the VTS is connecting to the P-CCS's primary to secondary NIC, as each will have a different IP scheme to match against.
  3. In the Setup tab, if "Discover PCCS" is checked, uncheck it and enter the Server IP Address to the right of that. This switches discovery from multicast to unicast, and should help the connection if multicast traffic is limited by the IT department managing your network.
    1. If Discover PCCS is already unchecked, verify the Server IP Address entered is correctly. Alternately you can check that box to see if discovery works.

If a Server and VTS are listed, but getting a "Lost connection to Paradigm Server" error when connecting to station

There may be network settings that are blocking the download of the LCD configuration from the Server, or you may be attempting to connect with a VPN active on the PC/Mac hosting the VTS. If the issue persists after verifying those, contact ETC Technical Services for additional assistance.

Getting a "Paradigm server cannot find required theme" error when connecting to a station

The Server config (.spcf) should be re-uploaded to the P-CCS. Next try connecting the VTS. There was a very small chance the theme file was not un-packaged correctly on the P-CCS when it was uploaded previously. If the issue persists contact your ETC installer or ETC Technical Services for assistance.

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