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Errors in Error Table on a Paradigm P-TS7 will not clear


I have errors present on an Error Table on my Paradigm touchscreen, but all of my devices report System OK. The listed errors also have date/time stamps that are more than a day old, and sometimes up to a year old.

Explanation of Issue

The list of errors on the touchscreen is provided by a list of current errors stored on Net3 Conductor. The device which reported the error to Net3 Conductor must also clear the error. If the device has failed to clear the error, or there was a minor network interruption at the moment the device cleared the error, this may cause the error to persist in the list on Conductor long after the problem has cleared itself.


Power cycle Net3 Conductor. This forces the unit to flush the errors present in the list and re-populate with errors currently present in the system. If all devices report System OK this list may be empty upon reboot.


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