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Paradigm Touchscreen Remote Check IP Error


Connecting to a known-working P-TS7 with the Paradigm Touchscreen Remote app results in a "Check IP or Network Settings" error.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This error occurs when the app cannot communicate with the P-TS7. There are a handful of reasons this can occur.


  1. Check to make sure that Mobile App Connection is enabled on your P-TS7.
    1. To do this, go to your P-TS7 Settings by pressing the recessed "Mode" button on the underside of your screen
    2. Go to "Comms" and click "Mobile App Settings"
    3. Make sure Mobile App Connection is "On"
    4. Also note down the Passcode if it is not blank and the port number
  2. Be sure the mobile device and the P-TS7 are on the same network and are in the same IP subnet. An access point is strongly recommended when accessing the Paradigm system wirelessly. If using a router to access the network, be sure your router is configured to let traffic pass between devices properly.
  3. The P-TS7 must be at firmware version 4.1.0 or greater to support Paradigm Touchscreen Remote.
  4. In the Mobile App Settings under the Comms tab of the P-TS7 setup, Mobile App Connection must be enabled. You can also set a passcode here.

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