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ColorSource Console Won't Use Newer Version of a Custom Profile


"When working with a custom created fixture profile on a ColorSource console, if I make a change to the profile in the Personality Editor software and then try to load the newer version, the console still references the older version. This will happen even if I have removed the channel containing the original profile from the patch."

Description/Explanation of Issue

If a custom fixture profile is used on a ColorSource console, that profile will be stored in the show file so that the fixture can still be referenced even if the USB is removed from the back of the console. If you make a change to that custom profile in the ColorSource Personality Editor, and then try to load that profile back into the console, the Console will continue to use the previous version because it has that data linked to the fixture name in it's memory.

Erasing the patch entirely (Setup > Settings > Erase > Patch) will resolve the issue. However, if you don't want to lose your patch, you can also just change the name of the fixture profile in the Personality Editor. This will cause the console to look at it like an entirely new fixture, and allows you to use your updated profile in the same show file.

Changing the fixture profile name

In the picture below, I've created a custom profile called "Custom LED Fixture". 

Custom LED Fixture.png

If I have previously used this profile in my show file, but would like to make a change to the profile, all I'd need to do is change the Model Name field. In this example, I have added "(version 2)" to the end of the name. This also allows me to keep track of revision numbers to make sure I'm always loading the most up-to-date version of my profile.

Custom LED Fixture (version 2).png


***For help loading a custom profile, please see the Related Links/References section below!

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