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ColorSource console cannot read my USB flash drive

Description/Explanation of Issue

The ColorSource console requires a standard FAT32 partition map to be able to read or boot software from a USB drive. Sometimes when formatting from macOS or other platforms can choose to use a GPT partition maps rather than MBR partition maps. the USB in an incorrect format for the ColorSource console to read. Note that most USB drives are already in the correct partition map, but if this has been altered, it can cause problems.


WARNING! This will erase all content on your USB flash drive.


SD Formatter is a tool that will restore a USB drive to its exact FAT32 partition table. Using this tool will prepare a USB drive for use with the ColorSource console.
SD Formatter can be downloaded from:

  1. Connect only the desired USB drive to your computer
  2. Open SD Formatter
  3. Make sure that "Quick Format" is selected
  4. Make sure that "CHS format size adjustment" is checked.
  5. Click Format.
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