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"Waiting for Console Hardware to Initialize" Error on Ion Xe

  • Symptoms/Issue

    When powering on or attempting to launch the Eos software on a Gio @5, Ion Xe, Ion Xe 20, Ion Xe RPU, or Element 2, an alert reading the following would appear:


    One moment please, waiting for console hardware to initialize...

    Description/Explanation of Issue

    The console has lost communication with the Intelligent Power Board.


    1. Fully disconnect the IEC power cable on the back of your console.
    2. Open up your console (see the "Related Links/References" section below for steps to open up the particular console you're using).
    3. Check the USB connection between the Intelligent Power Board and the mother board. The green box in the image below shows the Intelligent Power Board. The red outlines show the USB connections at the Intelligent Power Board and the Mother Board. When reseating the USB connections at the Mother Board, it is imperative that you put them back in the same orientation and position.


    Note: The image above depicts the internals of the Ion Xe. The design of the Ion Xe, Ion Xe 20, Ion Xe RPU, and Element 2 will have a similar layout.

    1. Re-assemble console.
    2. Power the console back up.
    3. If the alert persists, please contact ETC Technical Services.


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