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Crash due to out of memory condition in Eos 3.1.0 and Augment3d 1.2.0


During programming, a popup appears with wording similar to:

Windows - Out of Virtual Memory : Your system is low on virtual memory. To ensure that Windows runs properly, increase the size of your virtual memory paging file. For more information, see Help. 


Application Error : The exception Breakpoint  A breakpoint has been reached.   (0x80000003) occurred in the application at location 0xfd4aa06d.   Click on OK to terminate the program


Eos software crashes soon afterward.

Description/Explanation of Issue

These application errors indicate that the Eos software has used all available memory (RAM and virtual memory) and cannot continue.

In Eos v3.1.0 with Augment3d v1.2.0, a situation may occur where Augment3d does not properly free up memory.  Instead, it accumulates over time.  At some point, it requires more memory than the console or computer hardware has available, causing a crash.


  1. After a crash, it is safe to restart Eos software
  2. Close the Augment3d tab when not in use and avoid leaving the Augment3d tab open for many hours at a time.
  3. If practical, use a Tether for Augment3d
  4. Upgrade to v3.1.1+ of Eos software when available

After any crash, if possible, please report the crash and send logs to ETC for evaluation.  Please see Retrieving or Saving Log Files from Eos Family Consoles - Electronic Theatre Controls Inc for steps to do so.

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