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How To Map Multiple Palettes To a Fader


I would like to cycle through three different Color Palettes from a single fader by pressing the bump buttons beneath the fader. 


Beginning with Eos Family Software v2.5.0, it is possible to map a fader to a list of targets (Presets, Color Palettes, Focus Palettes, Beam Palettes, or a mixture of each).

  • Once you have your palettes and presets recorded, open Tab 36 (Fader Config) 
  • Locate the fader you want to map to and click ​​the top left corner where it says "unmapped"
  • Click on "Mapped To", located underneath the Target List on the popup window
  • Now type out the palettes and/or presets you would like to record (i.e. Color Palette 1 thru 3 or Beam Palette 7 + Color Palette 2 thru 5 + Preset 17 thru 20) and press [Enter]

fader_map_CP.JPG  mapped to.jpg

It is also possible to map faders directly from the Command Line. 

  • With a clear command line, press the {Fader} softkey, then the fader you wish to assign to (such as 1/7)
  • Press the {Mapped To} softkey, then type out the presets and palettes you would like to record to that fader.  Press [Enter] to complete.

Note: Currently, this fader mapping to a target list is temporary - if the Fader is mapped to something else, or cleared, you will need to re-define the list of targets.  You may wish to write a Macro that performs this task for you.

Prior to Eos Family Software v2.5.0, this task might be accomplished by creating a Cue List that cycles channels through these palettes or presets.


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