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How to Back Up and Restore Show Archive and System Settings


How do I save a back up of all of my show files or my system settings?

How do I transfer my show files or systems settings form one EOS family console to another?


There are 4 tools in the Maintenance section of Settings out in the console shell:

  • Backup Show Archive
  • Restore Show Archive
  • Backup System Settings
  • Restore System Settings

Show File System Settings Maintenance.JPG


  1. Make sure all settings and show file aspects are saved
  2. If in a show file, navigate to the Browser section and choose 'Exit' to go to Welcome Screen
  3. From Welcome Screen, choose 'Settings'
  4. In Settings, choose 'Maintenance' in the top right hand corner
  5. Choose the button for the action you want and follow the steps in the pop-up. Backup saves the files/settings to the drive of your choice, while Restore loads the files/settings to the drive of your choice.

In v2.9.0 and v2.9.1, Backup Show Archive does not backup .esf2 showfiles.  This was corrected with v3.0.0.  The following Support Article addresses this issue and suggests strategies for storing those files.

In v2.9.1 and previous Backup Show Archive in the shell only includes files with extension .esf - Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

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