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Installing an Eos Fixture Library Update on macOS

Beginning with Eos Family Software v2.4.0, it is possible to install Fixture Library Updates to ETCnomad on the Mac OS by using the built-in Software Update button, found in the Shell / ECU.  Do not unzip this file prior to installing it.

  1. Start the Eos Welcome Screen / ETCnomad Shell
  2. Press 'Settings'
  3. In the General tab, locate and press 'Software Update...'
  4. Locate the Fixture Library Update file.  It will be named like ""
    1. You may need to press the 'Other...' and navigate to that file
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the file.


Prior to Eos Family Software v2.4.0, Fixture Library Updates had to be installed manually on the Mac OS.  To manually install a fixture library for Eos Nomad on Mac OS follow the steps outlined below. 

  1.  Install the fixture library update to an existing install of Eos Nomad on Windows PC via the standard installation procedure
  2.  Once installed, navigate to the following file folder: C:\Program Files\ETC\Eos\FixtureLibrary and copy to a USB drive
  3. On MacOS navigate to the Applications folder
  4. Right click on the "Eos Family Welcom Screen" application and choose "Show Package Contents"
  5. Navigate to "Contents/Resources" 
  6. Right Click on the "Eos" and select "Show Package Contents"
  7. Navigate to "Content/Resources/FixtureLibrary" and copy the contents to the USB drive and paste here. 
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