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Merging custom fixture profiles into an Eos showfile


I have a custom fixture profile saved in an Eos showfile, and I need to get merge it into my main showfile so that I can patch and use the fixture(s).


  1. Load the showfile containing the custom profile onto a FAT32-formatted USB drive, and insert the drive into your console.
  2. Open the show on your console you want to merge the profile into.
    1. For example, you would have Main Showfile.esf already open, and merge into it from the showfile containing the profile.
  3. In the File Browser, navigate to File > Merge > YOUR USB DRIVE > YOUR CUSTOM PROFILE SHOWFILE.esf.
  4. You’ll see a screen like the one below. Make sure only “Fixtures” is selected, and click “OK.”merj.jpg
  5. The profile should now be merged into your main showfile. It should appear under the “Show” tab in Patch > Type, and also under Manfctr > Custom.
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