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Upgrading Channel Count on an Element Console


Note: The Element console, unlike the rest of the Eos Family, does not have an option to upgrade output counts.  It is fixed at 1024 addresses. For the upgrade process for other Eos family consoles, click here 

If your Element console requires more channels to control your system, and it is currently a 250 channel desk, it is possible to upgrade it to be a 500 channel desk. Contact your ETC dealer to purchase an upgrade code.  You will need both the console's Serial Number (located on the right-hand side of the console) as well as the Console ID (found in the Settings area, as detailed below).

  1. Connect a USB keyboard to the console.  This is required to enter the upgrade code. 
  2. Go to the system shell.
    1. If you are currently in the console application, this may be accomplished by choosing "Exit Element" from the browser menu.
    2. If you are currently rebooting the console, you can reach the shell by clicking on the "Launching in …" countdown box.
  3. Select {Settings} from the main shell menu.
  4. Select {Maintenance}  This is on the RIGHT hand side of the screen.
  5. Select {Upgrade Console} on the LEFT hand side of the screen. (You may need to scroll down for this option).  
    Note-Icon.png Note: This window will display the Console ID that is needed for ETC to generate the upgrade code.
  6. Enter your upgrade code into the field provided and select {Upgrade}.
  7. An alert window will appear to acknowledge the successful upgrade and new channel count. Select {OK} in this window to close.
  8. Close the "Upgrade Utility" window by selection {Close}.
  9. Select {Accept} at the bottom of the "Maintenance" window to exit back to the shell.

The upgrade process is now complete.

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