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Why do some color values on my LED fixtures change when I use the color picker, but others don't?


I am using the color picker to set colors on some LED fixtures. Most of the colors are responding, (for example, Red, Green, Blue, White, etc), but others are not changing (for example, Violet, Cyan, etc). 


Eos can handle “standard” color spaces (RGB, RGBA, RGBW, etc) natively. Outside of that, Eos has to guess what the contribution of an emitter set is.The only way around this is for fixture manufacturers must submit color calibration data for all of their colors to the company creating the profile (ETC, Carallon, etc). If a manufacturer doesn't provide calibration data for a particular color, there is no way to know how we should be altering that color's value based on control from a color picker. If we guessed incorrectly, the color chosen wouldn't match the output of the fixture.

As a result, if ETC is building a profile for a fixture, and we don't have calibration data for all colors, control over those color values is manual only. You should still be able to give those colors values and see your fixture respond, but they won't change based on color picker input.

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