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Connecting Dimmers to the Express Console

These instructions explain how to connect DMX512 outputs and provide DMX512 connector pinout specifications. The console provides two DMX512 output ports for a total capacity of 1,024 outputs.

Follow these steps to connect dimmers to your console:

  1. Verify that your dimmer connector pinout matches the pinout listed below. If your pinout does not match, contact your dealer or ETC.

    Caution-Icon-new.png Caution: Your dimmer control common must be compatible with console control common; they must either be the same level, or the dimmer control common must float. Verify compatibility with your dealer if you are not sure.
  2. Connect up to two DMX512 cables to DMX512 output connectors on the console’s back panel (shown under Console’s back panel).

DMX512 connector

XLR 5-pin female

512 digital multiplex dimmers

DMX512 pinout

  1. Common
  2. Data (–)
  3. Data (+)
  4. not connected
  5. not connected
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