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ArcSystem RDM Fixture Minimum Level Cannot be Changed Using 3rd Party Tools


The Minimum Level RDM parameter of an ArcSystem RDM fixture or driver is not available to change using a non-ETC tool such as a Swisson tool or City Theatrical DMXCat.

Description/Explanation of Issue

ArcSystem RDM uses the RDM PID (parameter) E137_1_MINIMUM_LEVEL to define its minimum level. This uses the E1.37 extension to the RDM standard. While this extension is part of the RDM standard, not all RDM tool manufacturers support it at this time.


  1. Use Net3 Concert version 4.0.2 or later with a Gadget or Net3 / Response Gateway to configure ArcSystem RDM fixtures.
  2. If your RDM configuration tool of choice does not support the E1.37 RDM extension, contact the tool's manufacturer to request support for it.
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