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ETCpad is Unable to Receive an IP Address via DHCP but Static IP Settings Work


When using an Wireless Access Point (WAP) provided by ETC, the ETCpad fails to receive an IP address via DHCP but does connect correctly when provided an IP address that is set statically. 

Explanation of Issue

Wireless Access Points provided by ETC do not ship with their own DHCP servers turned on as it is expected that either a console or Conductor would be on the network acting as the DCHP server. Additionally, the ETCpad requires a default gateway/router address to be provided and actually available on the network at the time it receives an IP address (similar cause of this issue: My ETCpad is Constantly Reconnecting when using a Static IP Address)


  1. Turn on a DHCP service on the network. See the following articles for specific instructions:
    1. Enabling DHCP on Net3 Conductor
    2. Enabling DHCP on Eos Family Consoles
    3. Enabling DHCP on Cobalt Family Consoles
  2. Make sure that your DHCP service is providing a default gateway address (sometimes called a router address) and that the address it is providing is online
    1. In ETC consoles, this is the "Routed" check-box that must be checked to enable editing the IP address for the default gateway.
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