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How to Get Sensor+ (CEM+) Rack Config from Another Rack in the System


How to pull a Sensor+ rack configuration for one rack from another rack in the same system? 


Each Sensor+ rack in a multiple rack system is aware of what configuration settings should be for all racks.  (This is only true for systems that show Rack x/y, where x= that rack's number and y= the total number of racks in the system above 1. Ex: Rack 1/2, or Rack 4/10)

If you are installing a different CEM+ processor than the one already configured, or have a need to reload the configuration to your CEM+, Please follow the steps below.


NOTE: This process will not work unless all processors in the multiple rack system are running identical versions of software.  


For Full Feature Mode: 

  1. Navigate to [Login] and enter PIN: 3333.  This will give you "Power Level" Access. 
  2. Navigate to [Rack] and press Enter (√).
  3. Navigate to [Get Config] and press Enter (√).
  4. Select a Rack number other than the one you are on to pull the configuration from. Press Enter (√).

For Basic/Portable Mode: 

  1. Navigate to [Configure Rack] and enter PIN: 3333.  This will give you "Power Level" Access. 
  2. Select [Full Feature] and press Enter (√).  "Are You Sure?" Select [Yes] and press Enter (√).
  3. Generate Defaults for Full Feature mode using the instructions here.
  4. Follow the step for Full Feature Mode above.

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