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Sensor3 Processor Stuck on "ETC CEM3" screen


My Sensor3 rack processor (CEM3) is stuck showing "ETC CEM3" on the screen and nothing else.  I have no control of the system.


This can be caused by the black and red wires directly behind the LCD screen touching the metal framing.  This does not damage the CEM3 but will keep it from properly booting up and functioning. See image below: 

CEM3 LCD Back View.jpg        CEM3 LCD Wires.jpg


  1. Using a small Flathead Screwdriver, bend the wires up so they do not touch the metal.  You can also add a small strip to Electrical tape to the metal frame to ensure it does not happen again.  ETC is in the process of changing our design to make the frame opening further from the wires.
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