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FTP Server Setup for CEM3 (with Net3 Conductor)

CEM3 processors have the capability to backup and load their configs from an FTP server. By default, it is configured to interact with the Net3 Conductor appliance. 

CEM3 version 1.6.0 and higher is recommended. If your CEM3 is running a previous version, the software package Updaterator can be used to load newer code. Use caution - while the update should preserve the configuration, you should back up your CEM3's configuration before beginning. Contact ETC Technical Services should you have any questions about this process. 

On the CEM3, press Setup, and then scroll to File Operations. Choose Set up Server. 

Select the Enabled line and press Enter (check mark). The settings will now be visible.

As of 1.6.0, you can adjust the target IP of your Net3 Conductor, the file name saved, and whether the configuration is automatically saved on each change. 

The configured upgrades and CFG (config) paths are displayed for your reference on the CEM3 screen - these are where the files will be stored on Conductor.

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