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Generating QR Codes for Sensor TPSR


The Sensor TPSR app for iOS and Android allows you to change the settings of Sensor ThruPower modules remotely, by scanning a QR code placed next to the socket. This way, you can ensure that the control mode is correct (e.g. Dimmed, Switched, Always On) before connecting a fixture. 

Generating QR Codes

The QR codes can be obtained from ETC through your ETC dealer, but you can also print them yourself. If you have QR code generating capabilities, for example on a label maker, the input is simply text detailing the Space and Circuit numbers, in the format

Space=1 Circuit=3

It is possible to add additional text after this, but the above must appear first.

Alternatively, enter your space and circuit numbers below to make your QR codes right here, and copy or save them for printing.

Space: Circuit:

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