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Presets in Sensor 3

Sensor3 systems can be divided into spaces to segment the overall system into logical or physical rooms that require separate control using presets.  Each rack can be divided into as many as 255 spaces for segmented preset control. Each circuit is assigned to a space and can only exist in a single space. A Checkmark is also available to determine which circuits participate in presets. If a circuit not selected to be included in presets, they will not record values for any preset during the record process.

The following categories are available on the preset page.

Space: Allows the user to scroll through all spaces 1-255. Only spaces 1-16 may be used with the Echo bus via EchoConnect.  All spaces may be used for playing presets across a network.  Only spaces for which dimmers are assigned shall be offered in the list. Scrolling through spaces shall list presets 1-64 below for the selected space.

Preset: Always shows 1-64 of the selected space above.

DeActivate/Activate: When the current selected preset is NOT active [Activate] will be displayed. When [ENTER] is pressed, the current preset will be activated an the control will change to [DeActivate]. When [DeActivate is pressed] the current preset will be deactivated.

Record: When [ENTER] is pressed, the current selected preset will be recorded with current HTP levels of all the dimmers with matching space ID with Allow in Preset set to Yes in the dimmer properties. (Priority shall not apply). If the preset is previously recorded (and not cleared, as stated below), the option given shall be [ReRecord].

Clear: Erases the current preset and sets all levels to zero in the preset.

Fade In: Fade time for a preset fade to fade up dimmers to recorded looks. Default 2 Seconds.

Fade Out: Fade time for a preset fade to fade down dimmers to recorded looks. Default 2Seconds.

Priority: Arbitration Priority for preset. Default 100.

View Metadata: Up to 8 fields of information can be stored in "metadata" which can be used while searching, reporting, or sorting data.

Play at Boot: Y/N, determines if the preset should activate on boot. Only be allowed one preset per space. If another preset in the space is current set to Y and the user chooses a different preset and sets the Play at Boot to 'Y', the new preset changes to yes, and the old one will automatically be set to "N" for no. Default N.

Preset settings and levels are saved in the .etc rack configuration file.


What does the rack property "Presets on Boot" do?

If Enabled and the rack is rebooted when a preset (or presets) are active, those same presets will be reactivated when the rack reboots.