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Setting Data Loss Behavior On The CEM3


When I power off my console, my LEDs are stuck on (and are powered from a Sensor3 rack).

I want to change the rack's reaction to loss of data from any of the three data ports (DMX A, DMX B, or sACN). 


Each data port (DMX A, DMX B, or sACN) may choose one of the following behaviors: 

Crossfade: On loss of data, the look will transition to a specified internal preset (DMX only)

Wait & Fade: On loss of data, the rack will wait for a specified amount of time and then fade to black over another specified amount of time.

Hold Last Look: On loss of data, no transition occurs. The levels will stay at the last known look until the data is restored to the port. Resetting the processor will release levels. 

Hold Last Source: On loss of data, if other sources are available the rack will switch to them. Otherwise, the levels will switch to whichever source was more recently lost.


  1. Navigate to [Setup] > Rack > Data Loss Behavior
  2. Use the scroll wheel to select the port (DMX A, DMX B, or sACN) and press [Enter]
  3. Select the desired data loss behavior and press [Enter]

When using Wait & Fade, select the desired time for Wait time and Fade time between 0 - 360 seconds.  


When using Crossfade, must select a Space and Preset (1-64) to use.

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