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Display on CEM Says System Error


On the display of my Sensor Classic CEM it says SYSTEM ERROR. What is wrong with my CEM?


This error means your CEM has lost its configuration or it has been corrupted.  Best way to fix this problem is to generate defaults in this rack twice. In the first generate defaults process, set the number of racks to the maximum allowed (32 or 64 depending on software version) and make them all SR48 with D20 modules. This ensures that all of the blocks of memory will be overwritten (removing any corruption). After the first generate defaults, repeat the process again but using the correct settings for your system.


Generating new/from 32 or 64 rack systems can take up to 10 minutes to complete. Please be patient while it is working and do not reset the rack in the middle of this process.

If you have a multi rack system you will want to remove all functioning CEMs.  Then generate defaults on the CEM that has the SYSTEM ERROR.  Keep in mind that you will want to generate a multi-rack system.  After you have successfully generated defaults on the CEM that had SYSTEM ERROR, insert the rest of the CEMs back into their racks.  Then do a rack transfer (refer to user manual) on the CEM that had SYSTEM ERROR so that this CEM now has the same config as the rest of the racks.  

For complicated systems with custom patch or different module types like D50, D100, or D20F it may be necessary to hire a tech to come in with a SLTA to reconfigure the CEM.

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