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ETCLink Support Limitations

There has been some confusion lately regarding the various ETCLink support limitations.  

Here is the definitive yardstick by which your designs should be measured.

  1. 20 racks in a Sensor system:  Starting with v3.0 software, CEMs only support up to 20 racks on an ETCLink system.  Systems that require more racks will have to be split and will run 2 configurations.  If feedback to a console is required, and you are over the 20 rack limit, then move the system over to a WYSILink computer with Net2 4 port nodes.
  2. 12 racks on a node:  Current software only supports 12 CEMs on a Net2 4 port node.  If more racks are to be online, then provide more nodes.  This also means that each 12 rack or less system will require its own configuration.For a brief example, a 25 rack system will require 3 configurations, 3 nodes, a network, and a WYSILink computer.These are the current guidelines and more details will follow when new Net2 software is released.
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