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How to Change Firing Mode of a Dimmer to Switched on Sensor (CEM) Classic

Changing the firing mode of a dimmer isn't something that needs to be done often, but as more LED and moving fixtures that require constant power are introduced in spaces, you may need to change the mode to "switched" in order for them to function properly. The instructions below are valid for both v2.X and v3.X software versions on Sensor (CEM) Classic.

  1. Press the blue [Setup] button
  2. Press the number [1] button to choose Dimmers
  3. Enter the number of the dimmer you'd like to change and press [Enter]
  4. Use the Up or Down arrows to choose "Switched" and press [Enter] to save the change
  5. Either press [Exit] multiple times until you're at the main display, or repeat steps 3 & 4 until you've changed all the necessary dimmers.

The threshold for turning the switched dimmer on/off is 50%. It is not possible to change the threshold on the CEM control module. It is recommended to park the dimmer on your console to avoid having your fixture power off in the middle of a performance or rehearsal.


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