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DMX refresh rate not changing on Version 2 Internal DMX Widget ports



In a HPU with Version 2 Internal DMX Widget inserted, the refresh rate on DMX coming from the new cards isn't changing.

Explanation of Issue

At the time of release, there was a known bug where the Version 2 Internal DMX Widgets  output DMX at a fixed refresh rate of 44 Hz. This occurs even if the refresh rate is changed in the Processor Settings window. 

Refresh rate.png


Please note - the Processor Settings window by default has a refresh rate of 25 Hz.  Despite this, new HPU I/O cards will be outputting at a refresh rate of 44 Hz.

All other outputs (Art-Net, sACN, DMX output from Version 1 Internal DMX Widgets, DMX output from Hog widgets, etc.) will change to the refresh rate entered in the Processor Settings window.