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HPU DMX ports not working after installing the Version 2 Internal DMX Widget



After changing one or both internal DMX widgets in a HPU to Version 2 Internal DMX Widgets, there is no DMX output for the HPU's DMX ports.

Explanation of Issue

The HPU Internal DMX Widgets were changed in 2022 from the Version 1 widgets to the Version 2 widgets.  For a Version 2 Internal DMX Widget to work, the HPU must be running v3.19.0 or newer software.

If only one Version 2 Internal DMX Widget was inserted, as long as the HPU is running Hog 4 v3.17.1 or older, then only the original card will be seen by the software and be useable.

Art-Net and sACN output is not effected by which model of internal DMX widget is used in a HPU, regardless of software version.


  1. Identify if your HPU has Version 2 Internal DMX Widgets using How to tell the difference between the original and new Internal DMX Widgets.
  2. Ensure the HPU is running Hog 4 v3.19.0.
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