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No DMX output from DP 8000 after updating to v3.12.0


Updating a DP 8000 over the network causes the DMX ports not to output DMX.


This does not effect ArtNet or sACN output. This will only effect DMX output from the DMX ports on the DP 8000 

Description / Explanation of Issue

There is a known issue when upgrading DP 8000s from v3.9.0, v3.10.0, or v3.11.0 to v3.12.0 (or newer) when not performing a full install via net-boot or USB stick.


  1. Perform a full software restore on the DP 8000 using the net-boot procedure or the USB restore procedure.
  • To perform a net-boot procedure
    1. Connect the DP 8000 to the console 
    2. Power off the DP 8000
    3. Log off the show on the console
    4. Open control panel
    5. Enable DHCP server on the console
    6. Make sure "Enable Boot Server" is checked
    7. Select OK
    8. Launch a new show
    9. With DP 8000 off, hold down all three front panel buttons and power on the DP 8000. The display should read "Forcing Software Reload"
  • To perform a USB restore:
    1. Create a DP 8000 restore stick
    2. Power off the DP 8000
    3. Insert the USB stick in one of the USB ports on the back of the DP 8000 
    4. Power on the DP 8000
    5. The DP 8000 will now automatically perform a software upgrade. Once complete the DP 8000 will prompt to remove the USB stick.
    6. Remove the USB stick
    7. The DP 8000 will reboot automatically

If you are still having issues, please contact High End Systems support.

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