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ETCnomad License Driver for Hog 4 PC


The ETCnomad license is not working for Hog 4 PC, when plugged into a computer the red LED does not light up

Description/Explanation of Issue

When installing Hog 4 PC a prompt should be shown for permission to install the ETCnomad drivers. If this is declined the drivers will have to be installed manually. 


  1. The individual driver can be found on the product page for ETCnomad
    1. (HASP User Setup v8.11 (Windows 10 V2004)
  2. Download the file
  3. Open and run the HASPUserSetup_v8.11.exe program
  4. Follow the prompts to install the driver 

If installing the driver does not fix the issue contact HES technical services.

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