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Configure Art-Net input in Hog 4 OS


How to configure Art-Net input in Hog 4 OS

Art-Net input  will allow for DMX channel(s) to be controlled from an external Art-Net source


  1. Configure the FixtureNet IP address and the external Art-Net Source's IP address to be in the same IP address range
    1. Hog 4 FixtureNet IP Defaults to ArtNet nodes can be normally be found in the 10.X.X.X or 2.X.X.X range, other ranges are also possible.  
  2. Open the DMX Output window
    1. [ Setup ] ( DMX )
  3. Use the drop down menus at the top of the DMX Output window to select the proper processor and universe
    1. clipboard_e66fe146710cbf74972974e4ee32446e6.png
  4. Select the desired DMX channel(s) in the spreadsheet
    1. clipboard_e33b63ba8729fa3bf3ff5f7b1c57480a9.png
  5. (Set to ArtNet Input)
    1. clipboard_e70a8b726c1d130df40a992808bb6c222.png
  6. This will change the values to red indicating ArtNet input
    1. clipboard_e2e81c44f631b04b1834e661d8b5cc6e1.png
  7. Close the DMX Output window
  8. Open the Network window
    1. [ Setup ] ( Network )Open the processor settings
    2. Select the DP 8000 to configure
    3. ( Settings )
    4. Processor Settings 76.png
  9. Navigate to Art-Net input tab
    1. Input tab box.png
  10. Press "Add Mapping" for the universes you wish to input.
    1. Add mapping box.png
  11. On the Hog Universe, set the proper Art-Net universe and subnet. The Art-Net universe and subnet from the Art-Net source will need to be configured to the Art-Net universe and subnet set in this window, Press "OK" when complete
    1. Mapped.PNG

Turn off Art-Net Input

  1. Open the DMX window [SETUP] (DMX)
    1. ArtNet Input 187.png
  2. Select the DMX channel(s) in the spreadsheet
    1. HogNet Input 2 box.png
  3. (Set to HogNet Input)
    1. HogNet Input 3 box.png
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