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How to Setup Numeo Remote OSC and Hog 4

Guide to Setting Up a Hog4 Console and the Numeo Hog4 Remote OSC app  

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This guide will explain the step by step process to set up the Hog4 Remote app on an Apple device to be used to expand your control surface. The Hog4 Remote software is a 3rd party tool.  

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Hardware requirements

Hog4 series console or Hog4 PC with wing or widget

Wireless router

Apple device


Step 1: Download Hog4 Remote to your Apple device

Step 2 Configure your hardware

Wi-Fi Router

  1. Connect a wireless router to your HogNet port on the console
  2. If running Hog4 PC plug the router into your PC network

  3. It is not recommended to have anything else on this network other than other Hog4 consoles, or hardware from High End Systems like DP8000s. A network switch may be required depending on your setup.

  1. DHCP IP (Basic, recommended if no other devices are on the network)
    1. Navigate to control panel [Setup](Control Panel) (HogNet)

    2. Select “Obtain IP address using DHCP”

    3. The console will now receive an IP address from the router

  2. Static IP (Advanced, recommended if you already have DHCP server on your network, or if other devices are already on the network)

    1. Navigate to control panel [Setup] (Control Panel) (HogNet)

    2. Select “Static IP”

    3. Configure your console, and other preexisting devices on you network to be in range of each other

      1. By default, HogNet IP range is 172.31.0.XXX

    4. Configure your router for a static IP within the range of your console network. Refer to your router’s manual for steps to configure

    5. Connect your device to the Wi-Fi router, and set a custom Ip that is within the range of your network. The steps to do this will be different from device to device

Step 3: Configuring Software

  1. Open the network window [Setup](Network)

  2. Right click on the console, select (Settings)

  3. Select the “Open Sound Control” tab.

  4. Enable OSC in and OSC out

  5.  Ensure the port numbers are different,

    1. Recommended to use input port: 7001

    2. Recommended to use output port: 7002

  6. Input your phone or tablet IP address into the IP address box under the output panel

    1. To see your local IP, open the iHog app on your device, then press “Device” on the side bar

  1. Make sure device is connected to the wifi router

  2. Open Hog4 Remote app and select “Setup” from the bottom toolbar

    1. Populate the Output IP address field with the consoles HogNet IP

      1. To see your consoles IP, press [Setup](Control Panel)(HogNet)

    2. Port (Outgoing): this should be the same as the Input port on the console. Recommended to use 7001

    3. Port (incoming): this should be the same as the output port on the console. Recommended to use 7002

  3. Apply settings.

  4. Using the apps bottom toolbar you can now select the Programming/ Playback panel, or explore the Pig Touch and Pig Trigger options in the app

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