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How to setup Hog 4 on a sACN network with numerous controllers



When using multiple consoles or output sources (two Hog Processors, a Hog Processor and an Eos console, a console and an archetectural controller, etc.) some controls do not work as intended.

Explanation of Issue

When devices are set up to output sACN, most sources default to a sACN priority of 100. When this occurs, a sACN receiver will typically output the highest value for a DMX channel (function in a HTP mode), but some receivers may act differently, such as using LTP based on the last change, using HTP or LTP for two sources and discarding others, etc.


To allow two controllers to be on the same sACN system and controlling the same fixtures, concessions will need to be made to allow one console to have full control at a time. Otherwise unintended occurrences can occur, such as inability to control color, incorrect positioning, etc.

  1. On one controller, navigate to where the sACN priorities are set.
    1. On Hog 4 v3.14.0 and newer, navigate to the processor's settings (Setup > Network > select the processor > Settings) and go to the Output tab.
    2. On Hog v3.13.1 and older, navigate to the processor's settings (Setup > Network > select the processor > Settings) and go to the E1.31 (sACN) tab
  2. Set the sACN priority to a higher or lower level. The high limit is 200, and the low limit is 1. The higher numbered priority will have control.
  3. When control between consoles needs to be changed, navigate back to the sACN priorities and change the priority setting again.
    1. TIP: in a two controller setup, leave one console at sACN priority 100, and change the other console to 99 or 101 depending on whether the console changing priorities should have control or not (99 if the changing console shouldn't have control, and 101 if the changing console should have control).
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