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Access 5th encoder for Hog 4 PC



When using Hog 4 PC there are 5 encoders displayed on the toolbar, but the console used only has 4 encoders? 



Description/Explanation of Issue

Hog 4 series consoles come with either 4 encoders or 5 encoders depending on the console

4 Encoders
5 Encoders
Hoglet 4 Full Boar 4
Nano Hog 4 Hog 4
HedgeHog 4 Hog 4-18
Road Hog 4  


By default Hog 4 PC operates in 5 encoder mode this can be disabled by enabling "Nano Mode":

  1. If logged in to a showfile, Log out by pressing the "X" at the top of the screen and (Log off)  When the Hog 4 PC start screen is displayed,
  2. (Settings)
  3. Enable (Nano Mode)
  4. (OK)

Note that after the 3.14.0 update, this setting can be found in the Control Panel / Startup Tab. (show must be logged off)

Log in to your showfile, the software will use 4 encoders instead of 5. 

Nano Mode.gif


Keep in mind that Nano Mode will also display 1 virtual monitor instead of 2. An additional virtual monitor can be reassigned:

  1. [Setup](Control Panel)
  2. (Displays Tab)
  3. Enable additional monitors
  4. (OK)

Extra MonitorB.gif