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Encoder wheels only dial to minimum or maximum values on Hog Console



When turning an encoder wheel, the values jump all the way to the highest value, or the lowest value.  For example on a fixture, if when panning a nudge of the wheel left will set the value at -270, and a nudge right will set it at 270.  Same with intensity: 0-100, nothing in between.  Encoders for gobos and the color wheel don't work at all.  

Min Max.gif

Explanation of Issue

On Hog, one shortcut is to hold the [+] key while turning an encoder to go to the minimum or maximum value for that function (for example, have the pan go to -270 or 270, bring saturation from 0% to 100% and back, etc.).  This does not work on slotted functions, such as when selecting gobos on a gobo wheel, or selecting colors on a color wheel, because there is no minimum or maximum value associated with these functions.


  1. To diagnose the issue:
    1. From the Hog Start screen, open the Control Panel.
    2. Open the Diagnostics tab.
    3. Press Test Control Surfaces.
    4. At the top of the of the window, select the appropriate surface tab.
    5. If the [+] key illuminates without pressing the button, then the key is activating.
      1. If the button is red, the key is being "held down".
      2. If the button is green, the key was activated and then released.

Proper activation.gif

This is video shows the normal sequence of the [+] key going from non-activated, to pushed down, to activated


If Test Control Surfaces opens and appears this way, the [+] key in red is being held down

  1. To resolve the issue:
    1. Ensure your face panel is clean.
    2. Remove the key and make sure there is nothing pressing the button down.
    3. Retest the control surface in Control Panel > Diagnostics > Test Control Surface
      1. To reset items that have already been activated in a test, press Reset Buttons near the bottom of your screen.
    4. If this does not resolve the issue, contact your local dealer or High End Systems for repair option. 
  2. If using Hog 4 PC and your Nano Wing or Hoglet 4 Wing is causing the issue, the encoders on the screen will also turn to maximum or minimum values while the wing is connected.  Disconnect the wing for proper functionality of the on-screen control surface.
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