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Hog 4 PC Will Not Install


Hog4 PC will not install onto a computer. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

  1. Hog 4 PC is not compatible with computers running macOS.
  2. Hog 4 PC needs the .msi installer, not the .iso
  3. Hog 4 PC installer is running, but is stuck on "extracting fixture libraries"


  1. Use a Windows 7/8/10 machine to run Hog 4 PC. If installing Hog 4 PC v3.12.0 and above, it will not install on Windows 8 and below.
  2. Download the ".msi" file from the website instead of the ".iso" 
    1. iso files are intended for installing onto consoles only. 
  3. Hog 4 PC is a large application, and can generally take 15-30 minutes to install, most of the installation is unpacking several thousand fixture profiles.