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Disable Pan and Tilt to Use as Follow Spot in Halcyon series fixtures


Unable to use Halcyon fixture as a follow spot.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Halcyon fixtures has a feature called follow spot mode. It can be enabled in the menu.


  1. NavigateMain Menu → Settings → Pan/Tilt → Follow Spot Mode
  2. Select ON 
  3. Pan and tilt are now disabled and will move freely by hand.
  4. To re-energize the pan and tilt motors, simply turn off this option.

 CAUTION: The Follow Spot Mode setting is retained when the fixture is powered down. If a fixture's pan and tilt are not moving as expected, make sure this setting is Off.

Important note:

Follow spot feature was not implemented in the software version prior to those listed below. If you can't find this option in the menu, update the software.

  • Halcyon Gold should be on software version 1.4.9 or above
  • Halcyon Titanium should be on software version 1.5.4 or above
  • Halcyon Titanium should be on software version 1.4.5 or above
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