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How To Update Software for EchoTouch


How do I update my EchoTouch software?


To update the software on your EchoTouch, you will need internet access on a computer to download our free installer and a USB memory stick to transfer the file to your touchscreen.


  1. On a computer with internet access go to the software download page for EchoTouch on our website and click on the file that says 'EchoTouch Software vX.X.X.' to download the latest software. version:
  2. The file will download in a compressed folder. Unzip the file and move the .fw file to the root directory of a USB memory stick inserted into the computer. 
  3. Insert the USB memory stick into the USB port on the touchscreen.
  4. On the touchscreen, navigate to the update section via the following buttons: Setup -> Files -> Advanced -> Update Firmware
  5. You will get a prompt to update, which you will say 'Yes' to.
  6. Once the install is complete, restart your EchoTouch by pressing the Reset button near the USB port.
  7. Navigate to Setup -> Settings -> General to verify it reports the new version.
  8. If necessary, update the fixture library.
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