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Control Capacity in SmartFade

SmartFade is a simple to use but very powerful lighting console for 48 (96) intensity channels a specifically designed to be usable right out of the box.

Intensity channels

There are 48 (96) intensity channels. Each intensity channel can control one or more dimmers. Dimmers with the DMX address 1-48 (96) should be able to control right out of the box from these two fader modes, since the default patch is 1:1. Intensities can be controlled live, and then stored into memories, sequences or the Stack steps. All intensities interact on a Highest Takes Precedence basis (HTP). HTP control rules


There are two Independent buttons that can control one output each, for specials like houselights, smoke machine or followspot. See “Patch Independents”

DMX Output

There is 1 DMX Out allowing control of up to 512 DMX outputs.


There is 1 DMX In allowing input of up to 512 DMX outputs.


There is a recommended subset of the standard MIDI Show Control (MSC) which is one of the most common ways to use MIDI to synchronise show equipment. General MIDI (Music MIDI) may be used to link consoles or to record fader, button and stack actions into a music sequencer for subsequent playback and sound track synchronization

Memory Card

Shows can be saved to a standard SD Memory card. See “Save & Load to Memory Card”

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