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Setting Manual Gateway IP Address in Net3 Concert


Using Net3 Concert software, how do I set a Manual IP address to my gateway? 


First make sure that you are running the latest Net3 Concert software version.  For Windows XP consoles and computers, that is version 3.1.  For Windows 7 consoles and computers, or higher Windows OS, it will be a higher version number.  Both versions can be found here.


Response MkII branded gateways and Response Gateways running v7.1.0 or higher require Net3 Concert v4.0.0 or higher to configure.  If you are running a Windows XP based PC or console you will not be able run this version.  Please use a Windows 7 or higher PC or console instead.

  1. Launch ETC Net3 Concert software.  
  2. Run a Network Map or open an existing configuration.
    In the World View grid you should see a representation of your Network.  
  3. Left click on the gateway in question.  
  4. In the Property Editor window (right hand side of the screen by default) select "Network Settings".
    If you ran a network map, you will need to exit Live Control in order to change these settings- so click the clipboard_e55f50d29c1c8390dbce726ce0a658437.png icon to exit Live Control.
  5. Change "IP Mode" to "Manual". 
  6. Enter the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway address as desired by selecting each cell as needed.
  7. After changing the IP address of your gateway, you will need to send the config to the device. With the device selected, navigate to Network>Send Device Configuration

If you have any issues with these instructions, please see the articles linked below. If  you are still have issues, please contact ETC Technical Support.


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