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How to connect a Hog 4 console to Capture Visualization software

Connecting to capture is relatively easy, and there are several ways to connect.

  1. CITP (Does not require hardware, unlimited universes)

  2. sACN (Requires hardware, limited universes from hardware)

  3. ArtNet (Requires hardware, limited universes from hardware)



Note that CITP requires Hog 4 software version 3.12.0 or newer in order to function. This is the recommended protocol to use. CITP does not require hardware to output data. Hog 4 users can use CITP to previs using Hog 4 PC without any extra hardware, as well as previs on a console that has less output that Capture. 


Note that for Artnet or sACN control, there needs to be supporting hardware for the corresponding universes. See How many universes can a Hog 4 console control for universe limitations for ArtNet and sACN.