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Why is my Hog 4 console failing to perform a full install?



While trying to perform a full install of Hog 4 software, the installation keeps failing.

Explanation of Issue

There are many causes preventing a Hog 4 full installation from completing successfully.


  1. If the console does not go into the System Installation window upon boot-up:
    1. Your USB stick may not be formatted properly.  To perform a full upgrade, the ISO file must be downloaded to your computer, and a Full Install USB drive must be created via Balena Etcher (for software v3.9.0 and later).
    2. Your USB port on the console may be damaged; try using a different port.
    3. It is recommended to use a USB port on the rear of the console, as these are direct connections to the motherboard ports.
  2. If the error message "No valid Hog platform detected" occurs:
    1. Newer models of consoles can only go back so far.  For example, Hog 4-18 consoles may only go as far back as 3.11.0, and HPU, Road Hog 4-21, 2020 Full Boars and HedgeHog 4Xs all may only go as far back as 3.14.0.
    2. If the console is missing its HogNet MAC address, then the console cannot update.  The console will need to be sent to the factory for repair of this issue; please contact your local High End Systems dealer to start the repair process.
  3. If the error message "No valid install hard drive detected" occurs:
    1. The SATA cable may not firmly connected to both the harddrive and the motherboard.
    2. Some USB sticks may not work.  Try a different make of USB stick.  It is recommended to use the Console Restore USB stick that is included with all new consoles.
      1. you only need a a USB stick with 2 to 8 GB of space; larger drives are unnecessary.
    3. Sometimes, if other USB devices are plugged in, errors could occur.  Start the console with only the Full Install USB drive connected, then connect other USB devices (such as a keyboard).
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