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Augment3d Version History


The table below lists every version of Augment3d, which version of Eos it released with, and its corresponding release date.

You can click the release date to download that version's release note.

The most recent release can always be found on the Eos Family product page at as well.


Augment3d Version Release Date Released with Eos Version Notable Changes May 2022 Bug fixes March 2022 Support for Eos Apex 5, Apex 10, Apex 20, and Apex Processor. Support for Moving Mirror fixtures. Support for Vectorworks 2022. November 2021

Materials on 3D Model Objects, Omnidirectional Lighting, Glow/Diffusion Settings, ETCnomad optimization options, and Additional Models.

1.1.0 Unreleased N/A

Internal Changes January 2021 Additional Models, Vectorworks and Sketchup 2021 Support, Resolve Crash on Multiple Monitors on Mac. August 2020 Initial Release
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