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Updating Software on an Eos Ti


The steps below will walk you through how to update software on your Eos Family Console.

Please note that consoles running Windows XP cannot be updated to v3.0.0 and higher. They must remain in v2.9.x or lower.

Consoles running Windows 7 can be updated to the latest version of 2.9.x or 3.x.

Consoles running Windows 10 can only be updated to the latest version of 3.x. Windows 10 consoles do not support any version of 2.9.x.

Unsure what version of windows your console is running?

Updating Software

  1. Determine your current software version.
    1. If you are running a software version below 2.3.2, pay attention to the second sentence in step 3.  Earlier versions do not recognize .zip files.
  2. Download the software update:
    1. If your console is running Windows 10 or Windows 7, download the latest version of software from
    2. If your console is running Windows XP, you will need to download the latest version of 2.9.x from this link.
  3. If you are currently using software version 2.3.2 or later, you only need to copy the downloaded .zip file to a USB flash drive.
    If you are currently using version 2.3.1 or earlier, you will need to expand the .zip file and extract the .exe file because earlier versions do not recognize .zip files.  Then copy the downloaded .exe file to a USB flash drive.
    Important-Icon.png This must be placed on the root directory of the drive—do not put it in a folder.
  4. Insert the USB flash drive into an available USB port on the console.
  5. Save your show.
  6. Exit out to the Eos Configuration Utility (ECU—Also known as the Eos Shell).
    1. If you are in the Eos software, you can exit out to the ECU by navigating to Browser>Exit.
  7. Navigate to {Settings}>{General}>{Software Update...}
    1. This will scan the root directory of all connected USB Flash Drives for valid installers.
  8. When the "Update Software" Dialog pops up, select your installer, then tap {Install}.
  9. Follow the on-screen prompts and choose {Close} when installation is complete.
    1. Your console will reboot after updating software.
  10. After rebooting depending on the version you've updated from and to, you might be met with an update notification saying there is a firmware update available for Gadget IO Board. Follow the instructions in How to Update Gadget IO firmware on an Eos Family console.


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