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How to Update the Fixture Library


This article explains how to update the Fixture Library version on an Eos family console ( Eos, Eos Ti, Gio, Gio@5, Ion, Ion Xe, Ion Xe 20, Element, Element 2, ETCnomad Puck, ETCnomad, RPU, Net3 RVI ).


If you have performed a Fixture Library Update and now your Fixture library seems gone, please read this article.

The general rule is that the Eos software version and the Fixture Library version have the same numbers before and after the first Decimal point " . " . When updating the Fixture Library, the newer version should share the same number behind the second Decimal point. Examples:

Eos Software version Fixture Library version
2.9.0   --- will not work !
2.9.1  --- will not work !
2.9.1   --- will not work !
3.2.6 --- will not work !
3.2.7 --- will not work !


You might find an Eos family console running software and Fixture Library versions that have different numbers behind the second Decimal point. This is the case when a new software version gets released but at the time of release it contained the most up-to-date Fixture Library version of the previous software version. 


The easy rule to remember is to always update to a higher Fixture Library version, but still keeping the same numbers before and after the first two Decimal points.


Please read this article on how to find out about the installed versions on your console.


  1. Download the latest Fixture Library version from the Eos Family Software page
  2. Unzip the download and you will find a fixture list and the installer itself, which is also a .zip file.
  3. Copy .zip installer bundle onto USB drive (no need to unzip if running Eos version 2.3.2 or newer)
  4. Connect USB drive to console
  5. Exit to Shell Setup ("ECU") by choosing "Exit" in the Browser
  6. Go to Settings / General , scroll down to and select "Software Update"
  7. Navigate to downloaded .zip bundle on USB drive and click on "Install"
  8. Confirm following dialogue
  9. Extraction and installation begins; this process should take less than 15 seconds
  10. Close dialogue and exit Settings
  11. Restart Eos application as usual and confirm Fixture Library version in ABOUT
Note-Icon.png To revert to the "base" Fixture Library, you must uninstall and reinstall the Eos Application via "Software Update"