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Eos and Cobalt Family Output Counts

This article is about consoles. For information on ETCnomad dongle output counts, see this article


All Eos and Cobalt/Congo family consoles have an output count, which is the number of patched DMX addresses that the console can output at one time. Each console hardware type has a minimum and maximum output count, and if a console has less than the maximum, it can be upgraded using a software code.

Eos 2.6.0 and Cobalt 8.0.0 introduced a change to the way that output counts were sold. Before, output counts were sold in increments (512, 1K, 2K, 4K). We simplified this and changed the way units in the field were handled - now there is only a base count and an unlocked count.

This does not reprogram the dongle – if you downgrade to Eos 2.5.2 / Cobalt 7.3.1 or lower, you’ll revert to whatever output count was there before.

RulesEdit section

Rule 1 - If current output is lower than (or equal to) "base", it will increase to (or remain at) the "base" output count.

Rule 2 - If your current output count is higher than "base", but lower than "unlocked", it will increase to the "unlocked" count.

Rule 3 - If your current output is higher than "unlocked" don't change anything, it will stay at the higher amount.

Eos Family Consoles

Console Base Count Unlocked Count
Eos Ti (with DisplayPort connectors) 4,096 24,576
Eos Ti (with DVI connectors) 4,096 16,384
Gio (with DisplayPort connectors) 4,096 24,576
Gio (with DVI connectors) 4,096 12,288
Gio @5 4,096 24,576
Ion XE and Ion XE20 2,048 12,288
Element 2 1,024 6,144
Eos RPU3 (with DisplayPort connectors) 4,096 24,576
Eos RPU3 (with DVI connectors) 4,096 12,288
Ion XE RPU 2,048 12,288
Eos Classic 4,096 8,192
Eos RPU original 4,096 8,192
Ion (Windows XP based - 1 network port) 1,024 3,072
Ion (Windows 7 based - 2 network ports) 1,024 6,144
Ion RPU (Windows XP based - 1 network port) 2,048 3,072
Ion RPU (Windows 7 based - 2 network ports) 2,048 6,144
ETCnomad Puck (Original - 2 HDMI ports) 1,024 (1) 2,048
ETCnomad Puck (Gigabyte - 1 HDMI, 1 Mini-DP) 1,024 (1) 6,144
Element 1

Element 1 has a fixed output count of 1,024 and cannot be upgraded.

Element 1 instead has a control channel count of either 250 or 500 channels. If 250, this can be upgraded to 500 by purchasing a code.


(1) from Eos software version 2.9.0 - see the ETCnomad output count article for details

Cobalt and Congo Family Consoles

In addition to output count, Cobalt and Congo consoles have a control channel count. This cannot be upgraded (except Congo Kid, see below), but the user can reduce it for neatness when desired. Channels can be renamed up to 9,999

Console Base Count Unlocked Count Channel Count
Cobalt 20 (all versions) 4,096 16,384 5,000
Cobalt 10 4,096 16,384 5,000
Cobalt Light Server 4,096 16,384 5,000
Congo Jr (Windows XP and Windows 7 based) (1) 1,024 6,144 3,072
Congo Sr and Congo Light Server (1) 1,024 6,144 3,072
Congo Kid

Congo Kid has a fixed output count of 1,024 and cannot be upgraded.

Congo Kid instead has a control channel count of either 256 or 512 channels. If 256, this can be upgraded to 512 by purchasing a code.

N/A 256 or 512

(1) Because Cobalt v8 software cannot be installed on consoles running Windows XP, these consoles are not included in the new system of base count vs unlocking. Please contact your local ETC office for further information.


Hardware Upgrades

Several Windows XP based consoles are eligible for hardware upgrades to Windows 7. Of these, only the Ion and Ion RPU have different unlocked counts. If the console was unlocked before the upgrade, it will remain unlocked afterwards, at the higher output count (6,144 instead of 3,072).


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