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ETCnomad on Mac Failing to Communicate with Gadget I/II


ETCnomad on Mac cannot see Gadget I or Gadget II, cannot see the Gadget listed under USB in Mac System Report

Visit this Apple Support Article for more information about the Mac System Report:


If other programs are launched before Eos on a Mac with a Gadget plugged in, they can incorrectly try to use that connection.

Steps to Solution

  1. Power off the computer
  2. Move the Gadget to another USB port
  3. Restart the computer without opening any other applications or programs
  4. Launch ETCnomad into Primary/Client/Backup/Offline
  5. Exit to the shell
  6. Check the local i/o output section for communication one of two ways:
    1. ETCnomad v2.6.4 or earlier: navigate to settings -> local i/o, check for external device
    2. ETCnomad running v2.7.0 or later: relaunch into Primary/Client/Backup/Offline, navigate to Setup -> System Settings -> Outputs, check for Gadget listings
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