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Universes do not output over processor count's universe number


DMX, ArtNet, or sACN is not outputting above the universe max of the processor.

For example, if on a Road Hog 4, universe 9 will not output even if it is the only universe mapped in the processor settings.

Description/Explanation of Issue


This issue only affects v3.15.0, Updating to 3.15.1 or newer should resolve the issue. 

If output has been configured on the processor for the first universes that are available on the console and the show has been logged off, then the ArtNet, sACN, and DMX output is now locked to the original universes.

This applies to all consoles, Hog 4 PC, and DP 8000.


  1. Open the network window
    [Setup] -> (Network)
  2. Select the processor
  3. Press Remove Processor
  4. If the processor is listed in the network window, open the Processor settings and then map the outputs again.
    If the processor is not listed, then add the processor and then map the outputs again.

If these steps do not fix your issue, please contact support for more troubleshooting.

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